Marriage Encounter
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Who can benefit from Marriage Encounter?

Young Marrieds
  We help young married couples build the marital habits that form a firm foundation for a satisfying, long lasting marriage.
Couples with Young Children
  Raising children requires extra energy and often puts a strain on a marriage. We help couples discover ways to carve out some time to be a couple so that they can be better parents.
Couples with No Children
  Many issues, besides children, face married couples. Communication and mutual sharing are vital to avoid living unconnected lives.
Middle Marriages
  We help couples remember and enrich the love they share as well as reinforce the lines of communication.
Empty Nesters
  After the children are gone from the house, it is common to feel like you don’t know your spouse anymore. Rediscover the love you share and prepare for a new stage in your marriage.
Mature Marriages
  Rediscover the reasons you chose to live your life together. Refresh and renew your relationship.
Second Marriages
  Divorce is a painful defeat of your hopes and dreams. You don’t want to ever go through that again. You want this marriage to succeed. We can help you identify and avoid the pitfalls that can end a marriage.
Any Marriage
  No matter how many years you have been married, you can benefit by taking the time to evaluate and refocus the energy of your love.
Any Questions
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